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Clarkii Clownfish Amphiprion clarkii

Amphiprion clarkii - Pesce pagliaccio

Scientific name - Amphiprion clarkii

Classification - Pomacantidi.

Distribution - Pacific Ocean; Indian Ocean.

Description - Body high and compressed. Has a background color brown-black with three white vertical stripes. Tail and side fins yellow orange. Reaches 15 cm in length..

Habitat - The need for a rocky environment with various hideouts living in symbiosis with sea anemones. Bright lighting.

Water conditions - PH 8.2; GH 10-12° ; Temp: 25°-28°.

Density - 1021 -1024.

Diet - You can feed with animal foods and small with dry feed.

Behavior - Lively fish swims happily, can take an aggressive stance in defense of its territory producing with his mouth sounds strident.

Compatibility - Fish sociable; coexists easily with other species

Reproduction - Unavailable

Personal Experience - It is a fish suitable for beginners; is needed for the breeding of these fishes the presence of a sea anemone in which he lives in close contact.

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